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Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service provide repair service for garage doors from all brands in Bethel CT. Whether it is a residential garage door repair in Greenwich, commercial garage door repair in Stamford CT, or overhead door opener repair in Fairfield County, the experts of Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service will repair it. And we will always do our best to provide you with the service that made us so famous and into a trusted garage door company in Bethel. All our garage doors technicians in Bethel Connecticut are trained and experienced, and successfully fixed hundreds of garage doors in Bethel Connecticut. Our garage door technicians knows, that no matter if it is a garage door that need to be repaired, or a gate that need to be fixed, they should always do their best to give the best service for the best price, maintaining the reputation that was built from years of experience in repairing and installing new garage doors near Bethel CT 06801.
Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service is servicing all Fairfield County, and offer a same day garage door repair service in Bethel CT, for all kinds of garage doors. Just call us, and we will send someone to fix your door today. We can repair broken rolling gate after it was being hit by a track, unlock locked garage door, bring roll up gate back into tracks, and of course install new garage doors in Bethel Connecticut.

Garage Doors Repairs Bethel Connecticut

From residential garage door repair, to commercial garage door installation, we are the answer for all your garage doors needs in Bethel 06801. Our reputation build from hundreds of satisfied customers, who will tell you, that when it comes to garage door repair in Bethel, Same Day Garage Door Repair & Serviceis the garage door supplier that will provide you with a quick and efficient garage doors services in Fairfield County Connecticut. Since we know that sometime you want someone to fix your garage door As soon as possible. And we know that sometimes a broken garage door can be the cause to a lot of frustration. So we say - Why should you wait? We can repair your overhead door in Bethel Connecticut today, and since if you are located in Bethel 06801 you are local to us, we can probably be at your place in an hour.

Garage Door company Bethel CT 06801

Garage Door Spring Repair Bethel CT

In case your garage door in Bethel spring snapped, stop using the garage door, and for sure stop trying to force it to work, whether remotely or manually. Using an overhead door with a broken spring will lead to a deeper damage, but more important – it is dangerous. There are many sizes of springs, each one of them is designed to fit certain doors. We carry garage door springs from different sizes and weights of overhead garage doors in Bethel, in order to replace the broken spring on first visit. Whether it is a torsion spring replacement in Bethel, or extension spring repair in Danbury, use a qualified garage door technician to perform the spring replacement. We service all Fairfield County Connecticut, but not limited to that area only, as a company that service all Connecticut, we can also repair garage doors in Danbury, or install new overhead doors in Stamford.

Broken Garage Spring & Safety

To understand how dangerous it can get to use a garage door in Bethel with a broken spring, you need to understand the mechanism of a garage doors, and the part of the garage door spring in the garage door operating. Some garage doors in Bethel can weight hundreds of pounds, but they can still be lifted with a gentle push, and the thing that make even the heaviest overhead door in Fairfield County move so smoothly is the spring system.
If one of the springs, or both garage door springs snapped, the door is out of balance, and there is nothing to support and balance it. If there are no springs to support, the door can crush into the ground and break (And hurt someone or something in its way), or if it closed, it may be difficult (And dangerous!!) and sometime even impossible to lift it. There isn’t really a necessity to attempt to use a broken garage door in Bethel. We carry with us springs from different sizes, in order to repair you garage door today, if you live in Bethel CT, and you need a garage door spring replacement, please contact Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service for a same day service.
You might own a garage door with torsion spring system in Bethel, or garage door with extension spring system in Norwalk, the important thing is to understand that different garage doors require different size of springs, and using the wrong garage door spring can result with injuries. Changing a garage door spring in Bethel Connecticut is not a complicated job, and when being done by a qualified technician springs can work for 20 years and more as long as the door is being maintained to time.

Garage Door opener Bethel CT 06801

Garage Door Opener Repair Bethel

If you live in Bethel, and you need someone to fix your broken garage door opener, you got to the right place. We offer same day opener repair and installation service. From Lift-Master opener, to Genie motors, Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service can repair it. Sometime the problem can be solved, and repairing the opener will be the right decision, and sometime repairing the opener in Bethel will be a bad decision, and in that cases we will completely remove the opener and install a new garage opener. We carry parts for all garage motors in Bethel Connecticut 06801, so you do not need to worry if we will or we will not be able to solve the garage door opener issue. Since there was never a garage door issue in Bethel we couldn’t solve.

Garage opener troubleshooting Bethel

The garage door opener is not responding? The remote control doesn’t open the door? The door is closing only half way? The experts of Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service are here for you. But before we give you some simple solutions to basic garage door opener troubleshooting in Bethel, we first like to let you know that not every time that the opener can’t lift the door means that there is a problem with the opener. Sometime the opener cannot lift the door due to a mechanism problem.
It may seem to you that the opener is lifting the garage door in Bethel when it is opening, but the truth is that the opener is only doing like 5% of the lifting, and the spring system is doing the rest. So if there is a problem with the door’s mechanism, like a broken spring for example, the opener may not be able to lift the door, or it may seem like it is difficult for it to open it. And to you it may seem like there is a problem with the opener, when the problem is actually in the mechanism. But there is no need to wonder, we fix all garage door problems in Bethel, whether it is a garage door opener issue, or a broken spring repair in Fairfield County.

Garage Door Repair Bethel CT 06801

Off track garage door Bethel

Garage doors in Bethel don’t just go out of their tracks. There is a reason why an overhead door in Fairfield County Connecticut is going out of track. If your garage door mechanism is fine, there is no reason for a garage door to go out of its tracks just like that. It is possible that someone hit the door with a car, and it pushed the door out of the track. It may be due to a mechanism problem, or maybe the track itself is broken or need some adjustment.
No matter what the reason is, that made your garage door go out of its tracks, pushing the door back into the track is not enough, is dangerous, and probably won’t solve the problem. You must repair the problem by locating the reason that made your garage door in Bethel go out of its tracks so it won’t repeat.

Commercial Overhead Repair Bethel CT

Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service offer same day commercial overhead door repair in Bethel 06801. We have a team of technicians who specialize in commercial garage doors repairs in Bethel, and they have the tools and the knowledge to address any commercial door problem.
It is important to make it clear, especially when it is a case of a broken commercial door that a broken overhead door should not be used, and should be repaired by a trained garage door tech in Bethel, who has the tools, the knowledge and the experience which is needed to repair a commercial overhead door whether the door went out of tracks, or if the spring snapped. Garage door in Fairfield County or garage door in Webster, DO NOT USE A BROKEN GARAGE DOOR and hire a qualified garage door technician to repair the door.

Commercial door maintenance Bethel Connecticut

We already discussed the importance of a garage door maintenance in Bethel Connecticut, and when it is a commercial overhead door, it become even more crucial. A commercial garage door may be used more than 15,000 times a year, and it need to be maintained more often than the residential garage doors in Bethel and around Fairfield County. Since it is a commercial garage door maintenance, which require certain tools and knowledge, we recommend you to contact a garage door contractor is Bethel, that repair and maintain commercial overhead doors.  Beside maintaining and preserving that parts of the door, the maintenance will improve the way the door operate, and you will be enjoying a better overhead door. Whether it is a garage door in Somers NY, or garage door repairs in Stamford CT, every overhead door need to be maintained and lubricated twice a year or more.
The lubrication isn’t a replacement for repair. If your garage door in Bethel CT need repairs, or parts replacement, you must take care of that first, No amount of lubrication can cover for a broken spring or a snapped cable. If your door need repairs, contact a garage door Supplier near Bethel to come and fix it, and only then, when the door is working again, you can lubricate it.

Garage Door Repair technician Bethel CT 06801

Same Day Garage Door Repair Bethel

Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service offer same day overhead garage door repairs in Bethel for commercial, Industrial and residential garage doors. We are doing all we can to provide you with a same day, quick and professional service. All you need to do is to contact us, and we will be there today to take care of any garage door issue.
Since we have experience in repairing overhead doors and rolling doors in Bethel Connecticut, we know to carry with us the right parts to service every garage door in Bethel. We carry springs opener parts, cables and garage door locks, to complete every garage door service in Bethel on first visit, and allow you to get back to a routine of using a perfectly operating, and safe for use overhead door, like every garage door in Fairfield County should be.
You might be looking for new garage door installation in Bethel, or same day garage door repair in New York, the experts of Same Day Garage Door Repair & Service are here and ready for the task. With our same day garage door repair in Fairfield County, we can repair your garage door today. No need for unnecessary risks of using a damaged or busted garage door. Our experts know garage doors in Bethel CT and can repair any of the garage doors that can be found in Fairfield County Connecticut.


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For same day repair in Bethel CT, Call: (475) 268-8884

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